Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 Racket - The Padelverse
Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 Racket - The Padelverse
Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 Racket - The Padelverse
Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 Racket - The Padelverse
Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 Racket - The Padelverse

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Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 Racket

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Unleash the power of the pros with the Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 racket, meticulously crafted as the signature racket of WPT professional player Lucas Campagnolo. Designed with a teardrop format and a medium-high balance shifted towards the upper area, this racket is a true symbol of performance and precision on the padel court.

Key Features:

Signature Racket of Lucas Campagnolo: The Explorer 4.0 is the chosen weapon of WPT professional player Lucas Campagnolo, embodying his playing style and preferences. Join the ranks of the pros with this exceptional racket.

Teardrop Format: The teardrop format enhances control and power, providing players with a versatile tool for executing precise shots and dominating the padel court. Experience the advantage of a design that complements different playing styles.

Medium-High Balance: The medium-high balance, shifted towards the upper area, ensures stability and power in each swing. Players can confidently maneuver the racket, making it suitable for a variety of playing situations on the court.

Twin Tubular System Frame: The incorporation of the Twin Tubular System frame enhances the durability and strength of the racket. This advanced frame technology contributes to the overall performance and longevity of the Explorer 4.0.

Carbon 12,000 and 3D Face Faces: The faces of the racket feature Carbon 12,000 and 3D Face technology, combining strength and precision. This advanced construction enhances the responsiveness of the racket, ensuring that each shot is met with power and accuracy.

Eva Tech Rubber Core: The inner core of the Explorer 4.0 is equipped with Eva Tech rubber, known for its maximum elasticity and control. This rubber provides players with exceptional performance, allowing them to take their game to new heights.

Versatility and agility are the hallmarks of the Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 racket. Whether you're a professional player or an enthusiast looking to elevate your game, this racket offers a winning combination of technology, design, and the prowess of Lucas Campagnolo. Dominate the court with the Explorer 4.0 and experience the difference of playing with a pro-level racket.



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