Introducing the Adidas Metalbone HRD+: Ale Galán's Latest Padel Masterpiece

Experience unparalleled power and precision with the Adidas Metalbone HRD+, endorsed by Ale Galán. This racket boasts cutting-edge technologies, including Carbon Aluminized 2 TO 1 and High Memory Rubber for exceptional power. Its Octagonal Structure technology ensures superior rigidity, while the Weight & Balance System allows for personalized adjustments. Spin Blade Technology adds surprising effects to shots, and the Carbon Aluminized 2 TO 1 construction enhances durability. With a 3M Adhesive Protector for ultimate racket protection and Spanish craftsmanship, the Metalbone HRD+ offers a groundbreaking padel experience.
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Experience a new era of power and precision with the Adidas Metalbone HRD+, the latest racket endorsed by Ale Galán. Meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technologies, this racket sets a new standard for performance on the padel court. Incomparable Power with Carbon Aluminized 2 TO 1 and High Memory Rubber:

The Metalbone HRD+ stands out for its unparalleled power, thanks to the Carbon Aluminized 2 TO 1 surface and High Memory rubber. This unique combination ensures exceptional power, especially during high-speed hits.

The High Memory rubber, a high-density EVA rubber, enhances power and caters specifically to players with a higher technical level. Superior Rigidity with Octagonal Structure Technology: Featuring Octagonal Structure technology with a tubular structure in octagonal section, this racket provides superior rigidity. This structural innovation enhances stability during gameplay, enabling players to exert control and power with every shot.

Adjustable Weight and Balance with Weight & Balance System: The Weight & Balance System empowers players to customize the racket's weight and balance before playing. This strategic feature allows players to make personalized decisions based on their preferences, optimizing their playing experience on the court.

Surprising Effects with Spin Blade Technology: The Spin Blade technology, characterized by octagonal roughness spread across the entire surface, adds surprising effects to your shots. Unleash unexpected spins, providing a dynamic and sophisticated edge to your gameplay.

Carbon Aluminized 2 TO 1 for Great Power and Less Flexibility: The faces of the Metalbone HRD+ feature Carbon Aluminized 2 TO 1, optimizing flexibility with aluminized carbon fibers placed in a special 2 to 1 way. This construction provides great power with less flexibility, resulting in a more rigid and resistant face for increased durability.

3M Adhesive Protector for Ultimate Racket Protection: The light and resistant 3M adhesive protector, custom-made for the Metalbone family models, ensure ultimate protection in any playing situation. Safeguard your investment, ensuring your racket remains in peak condition. Spanish Craftsmanship, Global Excellence:

Rooted in the tradition of Spanish craftsmanship, Adidas Metalbone HRD+ represents global excellence in padel racket design. Experience power, precision, rigidity, and durability like never before with Ale Galán's new racket, exclusively from Adidas. Choose Incomparable Power. Choose Precision. Choose Rigidity. Choose Durability. Choose Adidas Metalbone HRD+ - Your Key to a Groundbreaking Padel Experience.